Thursday, February 17, 2011

I Interrupt This Post...

This week, I was going to post my recipe for Crispy Chicken, which is as simple and kid friendly as they come. However, a two day trip to the local hospital for my mother (hopefully she is stable again - her blood counts took a bit of a dip which required a transfusion and some platelets) means that post will come next week.

So this was a great time for me to get good news, all the more pleasing because it was so unexpected. I will admit there have been weeks when I've been glued to food52 for more hours than is good for a person who thinks she has a multi-faceted life. This was not one of them. Due to aforementioned medical issues, I was very quiet on and inattentive to food52 for the past few days. When I logged on late this afternoon, after helping to deliver my mother back home, I saw that my recipe for Moroccan Style Lamb is a FINALIST (!!!!!) in this week's contest for "Your Best Recipe with Citrus and Olives." It actually took me a few seconds to realize it was mine because their professional photo was so stunning I didn't recognize my own dish!

So, a little yin/yang this week. Win or lose, I am ecstatic to be a finalist for the first time. The recipe I'm up against sounds really great, too, and I'll probably try it soon. But, I am hoping that any healthier kitchen fans who are also food52 participants will log in to and vote!


  1. Wendy - congratulations on being a Finalist for your recipe for Moroccan Style Lamb. Sounds fantastic. Hope your Mom is doing better. (Eve G. - POBHS '81)

  2. Hi Wendy - I saw this on Friday morning in my google reader but then Paul also mentioned it to me at the office yesterday. How wonderfully exciting :) I hope your mom is doing better too.

  3. Thanks so much Eve and Valerie! Try the lamb out!

  4. Wendy - I just remembered that i had meant to congratulate you for your Moroccan Style Lamb recipe but never did, so...Congratulations. i've made this with chicken instead of lamb and everyone loves it. i've also made it with just veggies and it was a big hit. the combo of spices are delish! just copied the crispy chicken recipe to my wendy recipe folder. best,

  5. Thanks Karen. So glad to know you've liked the dish and glad to hear that it works other ways too! Hope you all like the chicken.