Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Stepping Away

As any of you know who've actually read my blog from the beginning, I've sometimes been erratic in my posting schedule. I'd have a really inspired stretch where I had so much to share and then a fallow period in which I was either too busy to actually jot down what I was cooking or simply had nothing new to tell you.

That last part was always something I grappled with, as posting only when the spirit strikes doesn't make for much blog traction. I participated in a webinar last week, in which Molly Wizenberg of Orangette blog was one of the participants. She said something that resonated for me, which was that she doesn't blog often any more, but that when she does, she wants to really give her readers something, or it's not worth taking their time. I guess in my own small way, I've tried to do that too. There's so much out there, recipes, food photos, opinions, that if you bother to come here for a few minutes I want you to gain something, maybe a recipe that you can use at home, some food for thought about healthier eating, our food system or hunger, maybe some support.

In order to best do this in the near future, I'll mostly be on Instagram (see link at right) with some ideas, as well as on my Healthier Kitchen Facebook page (please like if you haven't already!), and my website: www.healthier.kitchen.  Things will be a bit abridged, but hopefully still helpful. This blog remains online right here, with its index to recipes at right, so please continue to make use of it! I might also post here now and then, to share a really wonderful recipe or something truly important in the food world. And, I'll still be available for private and group cooking classes and coaching.

But, as of now, I am officially a part-time "lead chef" in a wonderful little program called Young Chefs, which provides after school cooking classes in some middle schools in Montgomery County. Young Chefs works as a provider for Excel Beyond the Bell, a public private partnership which provides after hours meals and enriching courses for youth in schools that exceed a certain percentage of students receiving free and reduced rate meals, at no cost to families.

I volunteered with this program last winter and spring and am now stepping up to a new role. This summer, I've taken a good bit of youth development training in preparation, and have been gathering supplies, recipes, and ideas. I'd love to hear any of your ideas and recipes for 11 - 14 year olds!

The training was thought provoking, hearkening back to Ted and Maddy's wonderful Lowell School days, where child centered and empowerment were not just words but were mindfully woven into every aspect of the environment. I hope I can bring just a shade of that to my classes.