Monday, April 20, 2009

Best Laid Plans

Well I thought I should let those of you who don't know about our flood, why I have no post for this week. This past Thursday, as my neighbor put it during a frantic phone call to my cell phone, "Wendy, you have water gushing out of your house!" Due to the assistance of many lovely neighbors and friends, the "gushing" was reduced to a mere rainstorm within my family room/kitchen area, with rivulets running throughout all three levels of my house.

We've now got the pros involved: water abatement company, insurance adjusters, contractors, etc. and we now have a repair plan. Later this week we will be rid of the industrial sized fans and dehumidifiers, and hopefully will have lights in the lower level and new appliances in the kitchen. Until then, we'll be eating out or carrying out. A challenge for healthy eating that perhaps I'll share with you next week!

Check back next week!

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